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BRAINTRUST, a través de su Observatorio de la Competencia en Seguros de Salud, ha analizado la opinión de los usuarios sobre cómo debería ser la Aseguradora Ideal. Tras un estudio cuantitativo realizado entre asegurados privados y no asegurados de toda España, BRAINTRUST revela que casi la mitad de la marca de la aseguradora ideal estaría formada por cinco atributos:

En este contexto, el análisis también revela que para el grupo de primeras compañías del sector formado por Sanitas, Mapfre, SegurCaixa Adeslas, Asisa y DKV, los atributos más repetidos por los usuarios son «Compañía conocida» y «Para toda la familia», que curiosamente no se corresponden con los más valorados por los usuarios para una Aseguradora Ideal. Sin embargo, de los 10 atributos más relevantes, «Buen cuadro médico», cualidad que como hemos visto es muy importante para que una compañía sea clasificada como Aseguradora Ideal, es el único asociado a estas cinco compañías.

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Throughout her professional career, she has combined her work in health care with participation in numerous congresses and conferences in the specialty. She is also the author of articles that have been published in prestigious journals. She currently works as a gynecologist at Centro iDona and is a member of the Catalan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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Some medical insurances are including coverage for telemedicine services, please check with your insured or directly with the medical office if they cover videoconferencing services.

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For each type of pathology there may be different treatments, which well performed, can have similar results. At Institut Kaplan, we decide which one best suits the needs of each patient. And, most importantly, we decide together with the patient.

Sports activities can directly or indirectly affect the upper extremity. Most injuries are caused by direct trauma; others are caused by continuous overloading related to sports technique that can and should be modified.

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NO CO-PAYMENTSHealth insurance with no co-payments, so you only pay a fixed fee, without worrying about additional payments. It is also obligatory for foreigners.WITHOUT LACK OF CHARGESTherefore you will have access to the best medical coverage in the market, from the first day. It is also obligatory in Aliens that it is without deficiencies.REPATRIATIONAlso with repatriation coverage included, obligatory for the procedures in the departments of Aliens. Also travel coverage.COMPLETE COVERAGEBear in mind that Adelas offers you, primary medicine, also specialties, diagnostic means, emergencies, in addition to hospitalization, etc…